Rose x Rosie's

As someone who enjoys writing, it’s funny to me that I’m only starting a blog now. But, it’s never too late to start doing something you love and enjoy. I would know, I’m literally the queen of starting new things! 

I’m not saying I haven’t thought about writing a blog before, because I most definitely have. I’ve even written out multiple posts but I could never actually get myself to publish them. I don’t know if it was more because it made me feel a sense of vulnerability or because I wasn’t sure if people cared what I had to say.

I still can’t believe that Rosie’s started over 4 years ago in my kitchen. It started with the idea of baking plant based treats for friends and family, which grew into a meal prep service alongside the baking – moved from the kitchen to a commercial kitchen – and finally to the store front on Avenue Road. Rosie’s Eatery started with a few breakfast & lunch items and a wide variety of some of my favourite baked goods. After two plus years in business, Rosie’s is now primarily based on its baked goods and offers a wide variety of custom creations. 

In 2017, I decided to start wholesaling my treats around the city, and the love I have received from that always warms my heart. I am so grateful that I have a following of customers who buy my treats all over the city of Toronto. 

My heart has and always will be in the actual recipe development of the baked goods. It always amazes me when I come up with a recipe that is 100% plant based and tastes out of this world. It really goes to show that anything is possible with a little heart involved. I love to educate myself on the foods we eat, and how it affects us both physically and mentally. I want Rosie’s to be more than a place to buy baked goods, I want it to be a company that represents educating individuals on the importance of fuelling your bodies with plant based foods and showing them just how to do it!

A lot of people ask me why I eat the way I do. The answer is simple: following a plant based, vegan diet makes me feel my best. 

I most definitely wasn’t always a vegan. It’s easy for me to say that meat was never a major part of my life, because that’s the truth. I never liked the texture or look of red meat, so I never ate it. When I ate white meat, I was super picky and ended up making everyone around me feel uncomfortable because I would just pick at it. Eggs on the other hand were a huge staple in my diet. I would literally eat them with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not once did I think that eggs could be a major reason for my chronic constipation and boy, were they ever. 

You might wonder what the difference between plant based and vegan is. A vegan diet consists of not eating anything that comes from an animal or it’s by products. A vegan can still eat a diet full of processed sugar, packaged foods and foods that are full of GMO’s. A plant based diet is a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds and avoids processed and refined foods. So, by following a plant based & vegan diet, I get the best of both.

As much as I believe that a lifestyle that follows a plant based diet is best, I’m human and just like everyone else I like to indulge from time to time.

I’m not here to tell you that you need to eat exactly like I do, because that’s not realistic and it’s not for everyone. All I want to do is educate you on what you are eating and how what you eat can play a huge part in how you feel both physically and mentally. I want to educate you on cooking and baking with plant based ingredients and show you how easy it is as well as how delicious! 

I can’t wait to start this new journey & I look forward to working with so many of you! 



Rose Diker